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Cosmetic eyelid surgery in Atlanta or Blepharoplasty is common for both men and women of all ages. Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin that hides the natural fold and creates puffiness in this area. This procedure is usually performed as an outpatient under sedation or general anesthesia. The incision starts at the inside corner of the eye's natural crease and extends slightly beyond the outside corner into the crow's feet. Excess skin and fatty tissue are removed. The incision line may be camouflaged when healed.


Lower eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fine lines, " bags" and in some cases, dark circles. The lower eyelid incision is concealed just below the lower lashes. Excess skin and fat may be removed and the underlying muscle tightened.

Your recovery time will be minimal. Within the week, you will be permitted to gradually resume your normal activities. Most of the swelling will subside within several weeks and your final results will be apparent.

Recovery begins the first week. Any bruising around the eyes will gradually resolve, usually within the week. Healing may include mildly blurred vision, excess tearing or dryness, light sensitivity and/or itching. Stitches will be removed within the first 5 days. You may also resume most of your normal nonstrenuous activities. You should wear sunscreen on the incisions and use care on the skin areas around your eyes. As the swelling subsides, any vision-related symptoms disappear, and you may gradually resume exercise.

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